SolarTale Company on-grid solar system in February 2021

In February 2021, the 2MW distributed photovoltaic project of Wuxi Shun Sheng Industrial Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was successfully connected to the grid and put into operation.



Since its establishment in 2003, Wuxi Shun Sheng Industrial Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed more than 300 products, which can meet the needs of tobacco, food, logistics, electronics, medicine, papermaking, wood processing and other industries. The products are exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, India, Brazil and other countries.





The 2MW photovoltaic power station of Wuxi Shun Sheng Industrial Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has an annual generating capacity of about 1.95 million kwh, an annual saving of about 780 tons of standard coal, an annual reduction of about 1900 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and an annual saving of about 1.6 million yuan of electric charge.


Wuxi Shun Sheng Industrial Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. makes efficient use of enterprise idle roof resources through the construction of enterprise distributed photovoltaic power station, not only reduce the cost of electricity, but also reduce the internal temperature of the workshop in hot weather.


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