Storage Power Systems


Energy storage system works by capturing electricity produced by both renewable and nonrenewable resources and storing it for discharge when required. The solution allows users to come off the grid and switch to stored electricity, at a time most beneficial, giving greater flexibility and control of electrical usage.

Storage Power Systems


At Grid level, energy storage reduces stress on the electrical network infrastructure. It also provides efficient demand balancing options for the Grid.

For large electricity consumers, energy storage provides flexibility in electricity supply and opportunities for significant costs savings by enabling a switch to stored electricity at peak-tariff periods.

It eliminates the risk of network interruption by providing full UPS capabilities, reducing the likelihood energy related failures.


1. Distributed energy storage solution

Program features:
Distributed arrangement of battery provides a high safety level;
It can be arranged in the area where the time-of-use electricity price difference is the biggest, conduct charging and discharging several times in a day to meet the diversified demands of customers; meanwhile, it can participate in the power grid ancillary service and greatly enhance profitability. The battery is subject to fine grouping management to effectively prolong the battery life and guarantee the revenue of the energy storage power station;
The transition degree is high, and the construction is simple, which can effectively shorten the construction period and reduce the engineering cost;
The distributed energy storage cabinet features in small size and high energy density, and can be arranged in the vicinity of the power distribution room.

2. Cascade battery utilization solution

Program features:
Wide voltage group series PCS (DC voltage scope of 200-900V) directly matches the cascade battery pack one to one, which does not requiring disassembly, series connection or parallel connection of the battery pack;
Multiple sets of wide voltage group series PCS is subject to parallel connection at AC side and under centralized control;
It greatly decreases the difficulty of power battery cascade utilization; and the solution has good economical efficiency.

Suitable For

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application

Surveillance system

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application

Data processing center

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application

Hospitals, schools, communications, etc