Mini Grid Power Systems


Mini-Grid energy generation technologies can include diesel generators, hydropower systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, wind turbines, biomass-powered generators and geothermal-powered generators. A mini-grid may use a single energy source or mix of sources (hybrid) that are either renewable or nonrenewable.

Mini Grid Power Systems


1. Secure and reliable access to power

Mini-Grid can be installed quickly and easily, even in remote areas without access to the power or where the Grid is weak. Mini-Grid that are connected to the main power grid can be easily disconnected in case of power shortage or power off frequently and will continue to generate power reliably.

2. Cost-effective and independent power supply

Mini-Grid can lower the cost of electricity through self-generation and consumption. With integration of renewables, they also protect against fossil fuel price volatility.

3. Sustainable and low carbon

Mini-Grid that include renewable power generation support sustainability goals through CO2 reduction.


1. Grid-connected micro grids

Improved grid resiliency, higher power quality and increased self consumption
Solartale Mini-Grid can transition seamlessly to a self-sustaining energy system, referred to as ‘islanded’ mode. Islanding can be applied in case of natural disasters, for example, or when a Mini-Grid is connected to a weak grid where recurring outages are supplemented with back-up power. For critical loads this feature is key as it secures continuous operation.
In addition to providing reliable power, a mini grid connected to the main grid through a 'point of common coupling', enables import or export of electricity as commercial or technical conditions dictate.

2. Off-grid micro gridss

Access to power in remote locations, increased power quality, lower cost and reduced environmental impact Off-grid Mini-Grids are self-sustaining, autonomous energy systems that operate independently of the Grid. Whether in rural communities, islands or remote industrial operations, Solartale Mini-Grid solutions provide access to grid-quality power in remote locations, typically at lower cost of electricity and with lower environmental impact than conventional grids.
One of the Solartale Mini-Grids’ key advantages is that they can be deployed quickly and easily, even in remote areas far away from the nearest grid connection point.

Suitable For

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application


Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application

Rural communities

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Application

remote industrial operations