Distributed PV module optimizer is gaining popular in the market

In recent years, with the proposal of national carbon neutral strategy, photovoltaic power generation has achieved explosive growth, especially distributed photovoltaic. According to the information of photovoltaic power generation recently released by the national energy administration, the new installed capacity of centralized photovoltaic decreased by 23% year on year, while the new installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic increased by 151%. Therefore, the future of distributed photovoltaic is very promising.



The security and intelligence of the distributed photovoltaic power station has become the inevitable development trend. Thus, the fine construction and intelligent operation and maintenance of distributed photovoltaic power station becomes particularly important. 

How to adjust and release the output power loss of photovoltaic array caused by shadow effect is an inevitable challenge for traditional photovoltaic inverters. The distributed PV module optimizer developed by Dr. Wen research group of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University can effectively improve the actual output power of PV modules under severer shaded conditions by more than 60%, which can promote the safety and efficiency improvement while reducing the cost of distributed PV system.

The main features of the product include:

1. Accurately monitor the voltage and temperature status of each PV module, timely alarm and diagnose the fault in the remote monitoring system in order to realize accurate maintenance and effectively reduce the operation and maintenance cost;

2. Realize the maximum power point tracking at the module level so that the problem of the whole output power reduction due to the shadow effect, individual component failure and other reasons, can be solved;

3. In case of fire and other dangerous situations, the optimizer can automatically turn off the components, so as to protect the assets of the photovoltaic power station.


Similar to the “black box”of photovoltaic modules, distributed photovoltaic module optimizer can greatly improve the actual output power and service life of photovoltaic power station by monitoring the status of photovoltaic modules in real time and adopting reasonable strategies, including cleaning, maintenance and even replacement. At present, the distributed PV module optimizer developed by Dr. Wen has been successfully applied in the company's PV inverter products, with a domestic market share of 6%.

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